Priyanka Gupta

Priyanka Gupta is a single mother, whose daughter had one wish – a passport without the name of the man who deserted them.

When Priyanka and her daughter tried to get a passport with just the mother’s name printed on it, they found stiff opposition and bureaucracy from the passport authorities. They were made to run from pillar to post, submitting documents and appeals to no avail.

Priyanka found out that while it is possible to get passports with just a single parent’s name, it takes a long and expensive court battle. That’s when she started a petition on asking the Government to simplify the rules and procedure for the children of single parents.

With the help of over 1 lakh people, Priyanka was able to take her issue to the media, and it eventually got the attention of the Women and Child Ministry. A few months later, passport procedures and forms were officially changed – making it easier for the children of all single parents to acquire passports.