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What impact have petitions on Change.org created?

Over 1 crore Indians have been involved in campaigns on Change.org India. By signing petitions, people have helped other people create changes they want to see.

They have saved an orphanage from shutting down, simplified passport rules for single parents, rolled back the Employee Provident Fund tax and helped a father get passports for his disabled daughters.

Today, with the power of technology, we believe that people can unite and support each other to give citizens power to create the change they want to see.


How will my donation make a difference?

Your donation is valuable to us. Even a small contribution will help our team at Create Change Foundation support more petitions started on Change.org India. We will be able to create more expert resources. We will be able to develop more training programs so that ordinary citizens have more skills, resources and tools to tackle the problems they face. With your donation, more people will be able to create change across India.


What support does Create Change Foundation offer to petition starters?

We help petition starters amplify the reach of their campaigns. We work with them to create strong stories, connect them with media and engage decision makers. We provide training and resources to petition starters and anyone interesting in making change happen.


Will users have to pay to use Change.org?

Change.org will continue to be a free service – anyone can start and run a campaign on their own. Your gift will help Create Change Foundation continue to provide vital support to campaigns and petitions starters in India.

Support some of the campaigns started on Change.org India.


What does Create Change Foundation do?

Create Change Foundation supports citizen-led, technology-driven campaigning in India.

Legally registered in India as a non profit, and as a part of the Change.org Foundation, the organisation aims to build a culture of citizen-led governance and campaigning, empower citizens and connect them to decision makers.


What is the funding model for Create Change Foundation?

Create Change Foundation, as a fully Indian entity, we depend on donations from individuals and organisations in India.


What is the legal entity for Create Change Foundation?

Create change Foundation is registered as a Section 8 Company, a not for profit organisation that is registered under the companies act Ministry of Corporate Affairs.


What is the relationship between Create Change Foundation and Change.org Inc?

Change.org is a social good technology platform that was started in 2007. In 2011, Change.org launched its site in India. Six years later, in 2017, Create Change Foundation, was set up to specifically provide more in depth support for citizen-led, technology-driven campaigning in India in the form of trainings for citizens and outreach to decision makers.

Our arena of work revolves around social issues in India and we seek support from only Indian donors.

Create Change Foundation has a license from Change.org to use its site and its global infrastructure in India.